Provelia cream review

Cellulite lingers at night for many women. The appearance of cellulite is in fact caused by an improper structure of adipose tissue, the surface of which is not smooth but resembles an orange peel, which is where its other name comes from. While in winter hiding cellulite is easier, in summer it is the bane of many women who want to wear more skimpy outfits. Increasingly, however, the problem of cellulite also appears in men. How to get rid of cellulite once and for all and is it even possible?

What is cellulite?

Orange peel cellulite - is the definition of skin changes in the form of uneven distribution of adipose tissue, water and metabolic products. Normal fat cells are about 1-2 mm in diameter. People with cellulite have cells 10 times larger in diameter. .Because these substances are "lymphatic" they cannot be removed from the body through the bloodstream, but only through the lymphatic system.

But the lymph does not circulate by itself: it only circulates when a person is moving, when muscles press against the walls of the lymphatic vessels. However, the smooth operation of the muscle pump requires opposing resistance from normal connective tissue.

Until recently, cellulite was considered only an aesthetic defect, now it is assumed that it is a complex non-inflammatory disease defined as edematous-fibrous-sclerotic pathology of the skin tissue.

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The causes of cellulite formation

Cellulite can have many causes, sometimes one of them can lead to visible changes in the skin. Unevenness and clumps are hard to get rid of, and they can get worse quickly. The causes of cellulite include:

  • hormonal disorders
  • increased amount of estrogen
  • no movement
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • excess sugar and salt in the diet
  • bad diet
  • consuming processed foods
  • eating at irregular times
  • too hearty dinners
  • circulation problems
  • wearing too tight clothes
  • addiction to cigarettes
  • posture defects
  • varicose veins of the lower extremities
  • tendency to edema

Experte " The longer and stronger the destruction processes take place over the regeneration process, the faster the moment of irreversible changes comes. As such, it is important to shift the balance towards recovery as soon as possible. Provelia is a high-quality cream, free from enhancers and synthetic additives. It is 100% safe and has no side effects. Unsure products will not solve the problem. Let's focus on proven products."

A Los Angeles-based dermatologist George Brown

There are four grades of cellulite

1The first degree of cellulite is not very visible. To determine it, pinch a flap of skin on your abdomen or on the top of your thighs with two fingers. If the skin becomes slightly lumpy, this is the first step.
2The second degree of cellulite works the same as the first one, but the skin looks like an orange peel when squeezed, and you may feel a slight pain when you touch this area.
3The third degree of cellulite is already visible without squeezing, and the papules are more voluminous. Over the entire surface of the occurrence, the skin in the deeper layers is unevenly folded (not to be confused with wrinkled)
4The fourth degree of cellulite is the moment when the skin is actually shaking with excess wrinkles. Lumps hurt a lot when touched, they are easily felt with a gentle touch with the hand.

Provelia - new on the market

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Provelia is a new discovery of scientists to fight cellulite. An innovative product, launched this year. It is a modeling cream intended for daily body care. Its efficiency and speed of operation delight everyone. Moisturizes, firms, the skin becomes more elastic.

Opinions & recommendations of people who have used the cream

The effectiveness of the product is best illustrated by the opinions of its users and recommendations of specialists. Provelia is sold in many countries around the world and the cream is used by tens of thousands of people. We decided to search the Internet for product reviews from people like you, dear reader. We also contacted a specialist so that he could express his opinion on Puraviten gel. On the Internet, on medical blogs, forums and social media, you can find many opinions of people who got rid of their ailments thanks to this product!

Without cellulite - beautiful and happy

Nothing worked on the cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. The dermatologist told me that only laser treatment can help, but not one, but a few. Terrified, I decided to try the cream recently recommended by a friend - as a last resort. Managed to! I am very impressed with the effect of Provelia cream. I recommend it to every woman who cannot deal with this problem!

Accountant Sofia

The composition of Provelia cream

The strong and safe effect of the product is due to the natural formula of the product - the producers of the cream focused on creating a universal cream that will not only deal with cellulite, but also rejuvenate the skin, fight stretch marks and aid weight loss! Below are the ingredients that have such an impact on the effectiveness of the cream and are the basis of Provelia:

Blistering fucus
brown algae, algae accelerating fat burning. Rich in iodine, vitamin C and ingredients that dissolve tissue stagnation by the lymph, it helps to break down toxins in the skin. Seaweed extract improves skin elasticity and tension. It is a raw material recommended for cellulite reduction. It has a slimming accelerating effect: it stimulates the breakdown of adipose tissue and prevents the accumulation of new fat, stimulates lymph flow, which prevents swelling and the onset of cellulite, has antioxidant properties.
Common ivy
improves blood circulation and blood supply to the skin and supports fat burning. It is an ingredient with modeling properties and supporting the reduction of cellulite. Ivy has a great ability to penetrate deep into the skin - it drains tissues, improving lymph flow. It helps to break down fat tissue and prevents swelling. Hedragenin - flavonoid contained in the extract causes cell hyperactivity, i.e. increased energy demand, and thus - increased burning of excess fat. The saponins contained in ivy accelerate the removal of fat and toxins accumulated in the skin tissue.
Asiatic centipede
also known as gotu kola , a plant with properties that increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity. It has blood vessel-strengthening properties, nourishes, softens the skin, stimulates cell renewal and accelerates fat burning. It has regenerating properties. It affects the reduction of cellulite and its visibility.
has properties that accelerate metabolism. Caffeine stimulates the lipolysis process, i.e. the breakdown of fat into fatty acids and glycerol, what's more, it prevents excessive accumulation of fat in fat cells. In addition, caffeine improves the flow of lymph in the lymph vessels and blood in the blood vessels, which facilitates the removal of toxins and metabolic products. Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant. The ingredient improves the condition of the skin and reduces cellulite.
Echinacea purple
increases the natural ability of the skin to regenerate and increases its resistance to external factors. It stimulates natural defense and regeneration processes. It has an antioxidant effect. It improves the condition of the skin.
Field horsetail extract
It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and strengthening properties. It improves the condition of the skin. Field horsetail improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, which reduces cellulite. The silicon contained in horsetail is involved in the synthesis of collagen fibers, which improves skin elasticity. Field horsetail strengthens the connective tissue, tones and firms the skin.
the ingredient has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates blood circulation and soothes swelling. Strengthens the skin. It is a strong antioxidant and accelerates regenerative processes. Strengthens blood vessels.
Sweet almond fruit extract
the ingredient has the ability to moisturize and smooth the skin. Thanks to the content of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E and acids (oleic and linoleic), it perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Sweet almond oil prevents the appearance of defects such as cellulite, stretch marks, scars, and at the same time improves the condition of the skin.
has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates metabolism in the skin. It improves blood circulation and metabolism in skin cells.

What ailments does Provelia deal with?

Provelia cream is a universal product. The purpose of the product is general body care, with particular emphasis on places affected by cellulite, stretch marks and excess body fat. It strengthens the skin structure and prevents deformation. The cream also firms the skin, provides elasticity and smoothness. Provelia has a positive effect on body shaping, smooths out unevenness and provides a noticeable improvement in appearance. The product can cope with even the most difficult and problematic places.

  • fights cellulite - Provelia smoothes and firms the skin and gets rid of its excess.
  • fight stretch marks - Provelia is absorbed very deeply, thanks to which its action has positive effects not only on the skin, but also inside the body. The cream provides nutrients that allow the body to quickly regenerate - including the regeneration of the skin in places of its damage.
  • fight the excess of adipose tissue - the cream dissolves the residual adipose tissue and distributes it evenly throughout the body, thanks to which after a week of use, weight loss and a significant reduction in fat folds are noticeable.
  • Firming, smoothing, moisturizing - Provelia is a product that will take care of our skin like no other. It is suitable for everyday use and can work wonders!
  • Strengthening blood vessels - The cream reduces the risk of redness and cracks in blood vessels.

Provelia cream against the competition

We compared Provelia cream with another recommended anti-cellulite product on the market. We conducted the research on 200 different people who applied for this project. We tested the products in the following areas:

AreasProveliaCompetition product
Firming90% of people declared improvement39% of people declared improvement
Hydration94% of people declared improvement43% of people declared improvement
Smoothing87% of people declared improvement53% of people declared improvement
Cellulite decay97% of people declared improvement18% of people declared improvement
Reducing the visibility of skin lesions84% of people declared improvement60% of people declared improvement

FAQ Frequently asked questions about Provelia cream

The only right decision will be to buy directly from the manufacturer:
The price of the product depends on the current promotions. The exact price can be found on the manufacturer's website. Remember that when you buy from a reliable source, you will get free shipping!
The cream should be evenly distributed over the entire body - spreading a small amount. The product can be used preventively in places most exposed to cellulite (abdomen, thighs, buttocks).


This site is for informational purposes only. Nevertheless, the authors of the website made every effort to learn as much as possible about the Provelia product and to provide verified opinions of people who had contact with the cream. Although the product was created in Europe, we managed to present a lot of useful information. Undoubtedly, Provelia sets new trends in the fight against cellulite and other skin lesions. The use of the cream brings a number of benefits, and the users of the cream indicate a significant improvement in the condition of their skin, as well as the beneficial slimming effect of the cream. Buy Provelia cream only from official sources , at normal prices and enjoy a healthy and beautiful body!

Where to buy an original product?

The interest in the Provelia product is growing surprisingly fast, which results in counterfeit products appearing on various websites, which have nothing to do with the product described. They can cause the opposite effect and expose us to unnecessary risks. Provelia cream is best purchased on the official website from the manufacturer. The product is available immediately, thanks to which we can avoid the need to stand in long lines to the store or pharmacy.

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